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Winter Vegetable Gardening in South Australia: What to Plant in June

As winter sets in, South Australian gardeners can look forward to planting a variety of vegetables that thrive in cooler and wetter conditions. June is the perfect time to get your winter garden started, ensuring a bountiful harvest in the coming months. Here’s a guide to what you can plant in South Australia in June. Leafy Greens 1. Lettuce...


How does the Famers Lot work

We are marketplace, much like a traditional farmers market this means lots of farmers running their own stall selling their produce. Farmers can sign up for a free 3 month trial (no plan fees for 3 months). Opening a shop is as easy as adding products, which is as simple as adding a picture, product description and price. We look after the hosting,...

Creating a Chat GPT API

Creating a ChatGPT Plugin

ChatGPT Plugin Development for farmers Farmers are innovative, Australian Farmers invented the stump jump plough and barbed wire, farmers develop solutions with limited resources just out of necessity. Artifical Intelegence tools is not something farmers should ignore, and ChatGPT is perhaps the best known and most accessable AI tool available. A...

Chicken law

Chicken keeping - laws and regulations

Livestock sold on the Farmers Lot is intended for primary production. Whilst laws vary from state to state in most states keeping more than 50 chickens is a commericial quantity and will require planning permission and a Property Identificiation Code. The keeping of chickens, whether for commercial or domestic purposes, is governed by various laws and...

About Farm Household Allowance, financial assistance for farmers

Farm Household Allowance

What is Farm Household Allowance? The Farm Household Allowance (FHA) is an Australian government program designed to provide financial assistance to farmers and their families who are experiencing financial hardship. It's aimed at helping eligible farmers meet their basic household needs and cover essential expenses.  If...


What is The Farmers Lot

Your Guide to "The Farmer's Lot", Australia Online Farmers Market Food is a necessity, but where we choose to source it can make a big difference in our health, our communities, and our planet. Enter The Farmer's Lot, an innovative online farmers market where you can buy fresh produce, livestock, eggs, and meat right from the comfort of your own...


Goat farming in Australia

Goat farming in Australia is a growing market. There are a number of commercial breeds, such as Boer, Australian Cashmere, Anglo-Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburg goats. Each breed has its advantages and disadvantages depending on their purpose and adaptability.  The demand for goat products in Australia has been growing, with goat meat, milk, dairy...


An introduction to Highland Cattle

Highland cattle, also known as "Highlanders," or "Coo's" are a unique and hardy breed of cattle that have been around for centuries. Here's a about Highlanders: Where did they come from?  Highland cattle are originally from Scotland, where they have been roaming the rugged hills and moors for hundreds of years. They have been specifically...

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