Farm Hands

Managing a farm can be a rewarding but demanding endeavor, and sometimes you need an extra set of hands to help. This category is intended to connect farmers with laborers who can be hired for small jobs or ongoing requirements..

Considering our Farm Hands Category:

  • Labo-hire, contracts etc: A wide range of services can be advertised under this category. Ongoing work, short term hire and time & material contracts or defined contracted packages.
  • Flexibility: Find farm hands for temporary or long-term work, look for providers who will tailor tehir offerings to your farm's specific needs and schedule. 
  • Local Talent: Connect with laborers in your area, ensuring they understand the unique challenges and needs of your region.
  • Background Checks: Anyone can list their services on The Farmers Lot so it is important that you consider undertaking background checks. Consider your safety prior to arranging meeting anyone. You might require a police checks, seek referee's, ensuring someone else is present. 
  • Your obligations: This is an area that requires research and experience. Obligations will vary depending on the specific contractual arrangement, safety obligations and a safe work environment can not be ignored. Your arrangement will dictate any tax obligations, minimum pay rates etc. 

This is a high risk category. Remember The Farmers Lot only provide a platform where anyone can advertise their services. Any engagement is a matter strictly matter between the vendor/seller and the buyer/customer. 

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