Livestock and Fodder transport services

Key Considerations When Booking Livestock Transport:

  • Proximity: Providers can charge for their time and distance, choosomg a transport service close to your location can minimize travel stress for your animals and hip pocket.
  • Quantity and Type: Consider the number and type of livestock you need to transport, whether it's cattle, sheep, chickens, or other animals.
  • Loading Facilities: Depending on the type of livestock, ensure the availability of suitable loading facilities. Cattle and sheep may require ramps and loading yards, while chickens of course have different requirements.
  • Transport Documentation: Be prepared to complete any necessary transport documentation. In Australia, e-NVD declarations may be required for cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock.
  • Provisions for Long Journeys: For extended trips, plan for provisions such as water and feed to ensure your animals' well-being during transit. Animal welfare requirements madate access to water at least every 24 hours, heat and other stressors may increase this requirement.

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