Agistment (renting out land for livestock)


If you have a few acre or more of spare land you can considering renting it out to horse owners and farmers. Alternatively if you are ready to raise livestock and you don't have land then agisting on someone elses land might be for you.

Our agistment category is the place for stables for livestock. 

Here is something to think about!

Agistment can be full service or as basic as land and water, like any agreement you should put it in writing, realestate agents and lawyers can help here. Before you go you might want to give some thought to how hands on you want to be and what services will you provide (or need)?

  • What animals will you cater for?
  • Do you offer sheds, stables, exercise tracks?
  • What will be the access arrangements? 
  • Do you have facilities loading and unloading the livestock?
  • Do your require the livestock to be vaccinated? 
  • What the proceedures for sick and injured animals? and who is reponsible?
  • Who supplies/dispenses the feed and water?
  • Who is responbile for fence, gate, shelter, water facility maintenance?

Further Information

Agistment Guidelines New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

Get a Property Identification Code Northern Territory Government

Agistment Of Livestock Procedure Queensland Government

Agistment Guidelines South Australia Government 

Identifying Sheep and Goats for Agistment Tasmanian Government

Agistment For Horses Victorian Government

Guidelines for small-land holders Western Australia Government



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