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Debbs Chooks Palace.
At Debbs Chook Palace, we don't just sell products; we curate an experience for poultry enthusiasts and backyard farmers alike. Step into a world where feathered friends reign supreme and discover a treasure trove of top-quality essentials for your feathered companions.
Demo Store
This is a demonstration store
Farm Pets
Farm Pets is located 45 minutes from Adelaide at Yattalunga in the foot hills of the Mount Lofty Ranges. We have been farming here for 11 years.  Our main products are highland cattle, sheep, minature goats and poultry.  We offer other farm related products and services, such as consulting, farm fencing etc from time to time.
Magill Chicks
I have small chicks from day old and fruit and vegetables when available. Sold out until Spring.
The Farmers Lot
The Farmers Lot is your online farmers market. You can put your farm online in minutes for peanuts! Earn money why you sleep, work and play! If you want to sell livestock, fresh produce, fodder or your services this is the place to do it. The Farmers Lot is perfect for hobby farmers and backyard gardeners because you can sell a variety of products and services in small to large quantities. Just like a traditional farmers market, you benefit from other sellers being in the same place around you, more variety and more customers. In this industry a lot of our products are seasonal, that is gardeners and farmers often only have products at certain times of the year. That is why The Farmers Lot is the perfect place to build your brand. You keep your web-address, so people can always find you, when you run out there are others to fill the gap (so customers keep coming back to the The Farmers Lot) and if customers like what YOU do they can set an alert on YOUR product so when it is back in stock they will get... More