How does the Famers Lot work


We are marketplace, much like a traditional farmers market this means lots of farmers running their own stall selling their produce.

Farmers can sign up for a free 3 month trial (no plan fees for 3 months). Opening a shop is as easy as adding products, which is as simple as adding a picture, product description and price. We look after the hosting, site design and making sure it just works! After the 3 month trial plans start from less than $9 and If you link your stripe or paypal account then you will pay their fees on each transaction as well as the marketplace fee (from as a low low 1.5%).

Just like a farmers market customers can walk around the market and find lots of different products in one place, or they can look at one farmers stall and see just that garms products. Unlike a traditional farmers market you can also find all of the veggies, meat or livestock from all sellers in the one spot (by filtering by category).

Adding a product is as simple as selling on gumtree or ebay.We think we are the cheapest most featured option around, find better and we will beat it! Our features include

  • add and edit your store description, products as often as you like
  • add multiple pick-up points and delivery options e.g. pick up from your farm, or the weekend farmers markets.
  • if you add a pick-up point when customers order they will be provided with a google map with your contact details and exactly how to find you.
  • just by filling out a couple of questions you can add meta/seo data that google looks for, get ahead of the competition!
  • add tags that customers can filter by e.g. organic, chemical free, free-range etc
  • choose if your products are GST inclusive or GST free
  • manage orders and see sales history and graphs
  • communicate securely with customers and marketplace admin
  • run promotions e.g. discounts over a certain cart amount, voucher codes, product bundels and more
  • add your own content e.g. farming history, features page, tips and tricks
  • receive customer reviews.
  • we hae a fully featured search capability, you add your products, we make sure customers can find them. Find farm shops on our map, browse by category, add links to your favourite social media.

Register for our free trial, you have nothing to loose, if you don't sell anything you won't pay a cent.


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Welcome to our blog

At The Farmers Lot we love farming and we want to share our love with you. We will regularly post blogs on this page of a general farming in nature.

We encourage you to read and comment, share your knowledge and encourage others to get involved.

If you are inspired to get into farming, or even just starting a vegetable garden remeber you can buy and sell your produce here.

The Farmers Lot offers accounts at a variety of price points, farmers can list and sell there products here with very little effort.

When you consider the cost of hosting and web development we are hard to beat for price, and because our platform is from a major international supplier and we intergrate with major payment gateways you can be confident that our security is top-notch.