Cash Crops


Sky-rocketing fruit and veggie prices and technology combine to make it one of the best times to turn your gardeing skills into a money making opportunity, here's why.

A substantial part of the cost of fruit and veggies at the local shops is the transport and admin costs (including check-out staff), particularly when there is a wholesalers in the middle. Now The Farmers Lot can help you turn your backyard greener, by selling your efforts online.

Our handy features for growers

  • Use our vendor map to see who selling in your neighbourhood, now just about any home can be the local fuit and veg! 
  • You can require customers pay in advance, that way you know they are genuine and you don't have large amounts of money lying around!
  • Want to deliver? Yes you can with our live shipping rates from Australia Post! Please see the section on "perishable items" on their packaging guidance page for current policies.

Some things to think about

  • You must be mindful that some areas may have quarentine restrictions, if you deliver then it is your responsibility, you can find a national list at 
  • If you are selling your product by weight then your scales may need to be certified (search the web for weight & measures and your State)
  • Food safety is your reponsibility, be particularly careful if you are using any form of chemicals (including fertilizers and pesticides). Read the instuctions completely and carefuly, keeping a keen eye out for "withholding" periods, "do not consume" and similar
  • If you are going out and meeting people or having customers come to you, please carefully consider your and your families safety.

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Welcome to our blog

At The Farmers Lot we love farming and we want to share our love with you. We will regularly post blogs on this page of a general farming in nature.

We encourage you to read and comment, share your knowledge and encourage others to get involved.

If you are inspired to get into farming, or even just starting a vegetable garden remeber you can buy and sell your produce here.

The Farmers Lot offers accounts at a variety of price points, farmers can list and sell there products here with very little effort.

When you consider the cost of hosting and web development we are hard to beat for price, and because our platform is from a major international supplier and we intergrate with major payment gateways you can be confident that our security is top-notch.