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About The Farmers Lot

The Farmers Lot Pty. Ltd. is an online farmers market, fodder store and livestock sale yard. 

Much like farmers set up tables or stalls in local car-parks, we host market stalls so farmers can sell online to a wide audiance (an international auidance even!).

Any farmer or home gardener can sell fruit, veggies, free range eggs, livestock (and more) easily, online, to anyone. We put farmers markets on computers and phones everyhere! 

The product range will grow as more farmers join us. More farmers is great for everyone, because more farmers means more variety and more variety means more customers! As more farmers join us we plan to increase our service offering.

Our CEO  is farmer in the mount lofty rangers 45km out of Adelaide, so we know farming and are willing to work with you! We currently only have a few sellers, this means there is a lot of opportunity for any farmer, gardener, livestock agent, shearer etc to get in early and set up a store and build a brand before your competitors do!  

Don't wait to set up your own hosted farm-shop and start putting extra money in your pocket!

You should know ...

Farmers may not be able to offer products to all localities due to bio-security restrictions. Farmers choose products to sell, payment terms, delivery options and may specify a variety of additional business terms. Sales of products related Terms and conditions are agreed strictly between buyers and sellers. 

Please see our User Agreement, privacy policy, data deletion policy, style guide and FAQ for terms and conditions related to the use of The Farmers Lot platform. Vendors terms and conditions are subserviant to these and may be accessed on check-out or via your communications with the sellers (aka farmers/vendors).

Host my farm and help me to start selling

It doesn't matter what side your garden or farm is we can help you to set up your own farm shop and start selling. We host your hobby farm in a fully featured farm gate shop. With a easy to use admin panel adding and editing prices could not be simpler. You are in control of the prices you set. You can sell livestock, fresh produce, fresh meat, farming tools and accessories and a lot more. Farming skills are very much in demand and if you have the ability then this is certainly a great place to advertise your skills.

What is a online farmers market

A online farmers market is much like a traditional farmers market. It is similar in that a number of farmers sell their products in the one place. When you register your farm you set up your get your own stall, this is a space where people can browse just your products. Many sites claim they are a online farmers market but in reality it is just one operator selling produce. A true market has many sellers independently deciding what to sell and at what price. A ecommerce site works together with a physical site, market your products online and set your pick-up point at the local markets. Similar products are sold in each model, though The Farmers Lot also allows the selling of livestock.

What are the features of a online farmers market

A online farmers market operates 24/7 every day of the year and has the ability to provide more information, filtering and search functionality. This makes it quicker and easier to find what you are looking for. A online store provides greater flexibility, world wide in fact, whilst still being able to buy and sell local. Order history is retained, we offer secure messaging functionality and have the ability offer promotions and product bundles.

Why should I host my farm on The Farmers Lot

Opportunity to grow

We are just getting started which means you can grow with us. We do things differently, you get your own store where you are in control and you get the benefit of other farmes being on the same site. If you were to set up your own website, it is more expensive, you have a lot more work to maintain it but also if your products are seasonal when people visit your site there isn't much there and so people stop coming back.

More customers for your hobby farm

We spend a lot of time on driving traffic to the site and we give you Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools that allows you to drive people to your products, we are all working together to make our site the choice for customers looking for hobby farming products and fresh produce. The farm to you or farm to fridge movement is gathering steam and this is a good way to be a part of it

Awesome features

Your own farm shop

One attraction of our site is that there are other sellers which bring more customers who can see your products and provides a greater variety so they stay longer. Importantly you also get your own store featuring only your prodcuts.

Admin panel and dashboard

We offer a fully featured admin panel and order management dashboard. See how many orders, products, sales you have made at a glance. Dive into orders add, edit and delete as needed.

Secure communication

Communicate securly with customers and admin through the admin panel without having to expose your email address to everyone. - Each of your products has a