Fresh Produce

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Yes, you can buy and sell fruit and vegetables on the Farmers Lot, veggies don't come better than fresh from the backyard!

Some things to think about

  • You must be mindful that some areas may have quarentine restrictions, if you transporting or posting fruit and veggies it is important you know them. Search the web for "travelling with fruit or veg in (relevant state)"
  • Have a look at packaging suggestions and "perishable items" on some great tips and posting restrictions on this Australia Post site.
  • If you are selling your product by weight then your scales may need to be certified (More Information )
  • Food safety is your reponsibility, be particularly careful if you are using any form of chemicals (including fertilizers and pesticides). Read the instuctions completely and carefuly, keeping a keen eye out for "withholding" periods, "do not consume" and similar
  • If you are going out and meeting people or having customers come to you, please carefully consider your and your families safety.
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