Managing Products

Products are the most important feature of any store. A product is anything you sell. If it is farming related you can sell it on The Farmers Lot, it can be 

  • a service e.g. shearing or butchering
  • livestock e.g. goats, ducks, pigs etc
  • produce e.g. hay, fruit etc
  • groceries e.g. chutney, jam, pickles etc
  • accessories e.g. posts, droppers, wire, water troughs etc
  • tools e.g. dropper knocker, wire cutters etc
  • machinery e.g. tractors, incubators, pumps etc

Managing your products is important, you need to 

  • Manage your inventoryso that you don't sell what you don't have
  • Add and edit products
  • Manage orders
  • Create pages featuring or reviewing your products