Managing your inventory is important, you don't want to sell something you haven't got, it upsets customers and can cost you time and money to refund items.

You can track your inventory by entering a value in the "in stock" field representing the number of items on hand, it works together with the track inventory field as follows.

  • If in stock = [0] & track inventory = [Yes] (or "Global Yes") customers will be able to see your product but they won't be able to order it "out of stock" will be displayed and picture is in black & white in most screens, until their mouse moves over it.
  • If in stock [is more than 0] & track inventory = [Yes] (or "Global Yes") customers can see and order your product, once they place an order i.e. complete the check out process, (which may include taking payment depending on the settings for your store) the "In stock" amount will reduce by the amount ordered. Note: it isn't placing the items in the cart that reduces the stock but the placing of the order.
  • If in stock = [any number] & track inventory = [no] then customers can order as much as they like, even if In stock reduces to zero.