Plan Features

Check out our subscription plans

Even our free trial plan is packed with all the features you need to run a successful farming e-commerce business.

When you register an account as a seller your plan will determine your features and access level. 

If you need a feature, require more access then we can upgrade your plan at any time. If you don't see a feature we may be able to offer it as a custom service, just ask us! 

Standard features

ALL sellers get an easy to use admin panel, here you can: 

  • Aprove, edit or delete orders
  • Add and edit product details and photo's 
  • Configure check-out options and pick-up points
  • Automatic notifications to customers when livestock is born or other products back in stock.
  • Message customers (and us)
  • See your sales and account details.
  • Search Engine Optimisation is built into every store

Feature Details

Accept payments: Accept payments online by linking Stripe or Pay Pal account. We don't see your account details ever! Transactions are processed directly between you and customer on the payment processors website. Stripe and Pay Pal deduct their charges from the payment as part of the transaction and sales fee's charged by us are also deducted at the same time. 

Track inventory automatically: You can set the amount of stock you have available for each product. Your stock on hand will be decreased by the amount sold for every completed sale.

Add and Edit products: Change product pictures, descriptions, categories, price, delivery and stock levels as many times as you like.

Search Engine Optimisation: This is about making your products visible to customers by making sure that search engines like Google know all about you. The Farmers Lot allows you tell search engines what you have, simply include meta data in the relevant product fields. We have a detailed article on Search Engine Optimisation.

Pick-up points: If you operate out of a physical farmers markets, have multiple properties or partner with other businesses adding multiple pick-up points with their own operating times and directions printed directly on the customers order is what you need.

Advanced Features

Vendor Microstore (selected plans): Only your products and services are displayed in a microstore. Customers will still be able to find your products under any of the category listings or via the search bar, but with your own market stall you have your own web address as well e.g. This is great to put on business cards and advertising, as your store grows people will come straight to you.

Website pages/blogs/additional content (selected plans): You can talk your farm with your own blog, review products, provide guides with your own content pages. 

Charge travel costs automatically (custom option): If you need to go to your customer to conduct a service or deliver a good then we include a charge based on your distance from them.

Delivery areas (custom option): If you offer local delivery we can define a delivery area based on a list of post codes you deliver to (there are tools that allow you to generate a list of post-codes within a given distance of your farm). This delivery option will only be shown to eligible customers.

Vendor Microstore (selected plans):  You get a microstore with your own description and products. You get a direct link e.g. for business cards and advertising)

Warehouses (custom option): If you keep stock in multiple locations then this is the feature for you. We can even configure it so that when a given store reaches a set amount of stock that the product is drawn from another location when the customer orders it and the extra delay is built into any delivery calculations.

Your own website (selected plans): Bring your own Domain Name and we will host it for free with a copy of your