How to tell if your meat is ready to eat

How can you tell if your meat is cooked

The most important aspect of a good roast or steak is cooking it to your liking. Some prefer their meat well-done, almost burnt, while others enjoy it rare, still slightly pink. There are a couple of methods to assess the tenderness of the meat. One method involves holding the tip of you index finger to the base of your thumb on the same thumb. Then use your other index finger to press against the fleshy area of your palm. Notice that if you press right next to your first index finger, it feels firm, but if you move a couple of centimeters away, it becomes softer. You can compare this sensation to touching your steak as it cooks. The firmer portion of your palm represents a well-done steak, while the softer area represents rare. This technique can be handy when you don't have a thermometer available.

What tempreature should beef be cooked to?

If you have a meat thermometer (a thermometer with a probe) available then push the probe into the centre of the meat and aim for the following internal temperatures.

  • Rare 57.5-60°C (there is an increased risk of food poisoning where meat exposed to air does not reach or is allowed to cool below 60°C)
  • Medium rare 60–65°C
  • Medium 65–70°C 
  • Medium well done 70°C 
  • Well done 75°C