Selling chicks, chickens, eggs and other poultry products

Are you passionate about chickens? Do you dream of transforming your hobby into a thriving business, or perhaps you already have one? Whatever the case at The Farmer's Lot, we offer an unparalleled platform for you to sell poultry, chicks, chickens, and fertile eggs. You can set up shop exclusively online or to support a physical shop, fodder store or stall at your local farmers market.

Where can I sell chickens, eggs and other poultry products?

Joining a online marketplace where you can set up an account, create a permanent presence and easily add stock as it becomes available is an excellent option to support a hobby or business. One off sellers may prefer a classifieds site or a marketplace with a trial priod. 

Some regional towns have monthly or quartely auctions and this can provide a great day out. Classifieds like Gumtree are an option as are some online forums or social networking sites, however Facebook doesn't allow selling of any animals. 

Family, friends and work colleagues are also a option best suited for an occassional sale. A  option for the serious seller is to set-up your own website if you have the time and expertise to maintain it. 

What poultry can you sell on The Farmer's Lot?

As a poultry farmer, your options for selling on The Farmer's Lot are vast! The best bit is you can leave the coding, marketing and hosting aspects to us. Some poultry related products you can sell include:

  • Live chickens of various breeds
  • Day-old chicks for backyard flocks
  • Fertile eggs for other poultry enthusiasts
  • Chicken feed and supplies
  • Homemade poultry-related products, like egg cartons or chicken coops

If you have a hobby farm you probaly have other products to sell, if it is farming related then you can sell it all under the one account. What's more, with our platform, you can offer flexible delivery options to your customers. You can send fertile eggs by post or set up multiple pickup points for your customers' convenience.

What are the delivery options I can offer to my customers on The Farmer's Lot?

With The Farmer's Lot, you can offer a variety of delivery options to meet your customers' needs. You can send products like fertile eggs by post, ensuring they arrive safely and quickly. Additionally, you can set up multiple pickup points for your customers, making it easier for them to receive their orders. If you offer a delivery service we can help you add it and make sure it is only offered to people within your delivery area. We're all about providing flexibility for both sellers and buyers in the Australia farmers market.

Start Your Poultry Business Journey with The Farmer's Lot

Our platform caters to farmers at all levels of experience. Whether you're a hobbyist just starting or a seasoned farmer seeking to expand your business, we provide tools and resources that make selling online a breeze.

What tools and resources does The Farmer's Lot offer to support my poultry business?

The Farmer's Lot offers a comprehensive suite of tools including inventory management and customer interaction features. These tools enable you to focus on your passion - raising healthy, high-quality poultry and eggs. Furthermore, we offer promotional opportunities to help you attract more customers to your shop, boosting your visibility in the competitive Australia farmers market.

Join The Farmer's Lot Today

Experience the convenience and reach of selling your poultry products online with The Farmer's Lot. We are committed to fostering your success and growth in the Australia farmers market. Join our community today and take the first step towards your dream poultry business.

How can I join The Farmer's Lot and start selling my poultry products online?

Joining The Farmer's Lot is simple. Choose a plan and register as a vendor to start selling. We will send you a link to your vendor panel where you can easily add products. If you need support at anytime we have easy to use guides and of course you can contact us through the secure messaging system. Start your journey with us today and tap into the thriving online farmers market in Australia.