What is lamb marking?

"Lamb marking" is a term used to refer to a set of procedures performed on young lambs, typically within the first few weeks of life. These procedures often include:

  1. Tagging: This involves placing an identification tag, usually in the ear. The tag may contain information like the lamb's birth date, its mother's identification number, or other relevant data. This helps farmers keep track of each individual animal in their flock.
  2. Tail Docking: Many breeds of sheep have long tails that can become soiled and attract flies, leading to a painful and potentially deadly condition called flystrike. To prevent this, farmers often dock (shorten) the lambs' tails.
  3. Castration: Male lambs not intended for breeding are often castrated. This is done to control the sheep population, prevent aggressive behavior, and improve the quality of the meat.
  4. Vaccination: Lambs may be given vaccinations to protect them from diseases common in sheep.
  5. Worming: If necessary, lambs might be given treatments to protect against internal parasites.

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