Farming terminology

What is a online farmers market?

The term "online farmers market" is used to reflect a online representation of a physical farmers market. It implies many sellers on one site. Each farm has it's own "stall" (micro-store) and the farmer determines what is sold and sets the price. Customers deal directly with the farmer(s) and can browse products by category or move from store to store.

Others use the term interchangeably in farm shop, it is a single operator selling fresh produce. They are not a farm marketplace (or "farmers market") and use terms to manipulate search engines and get you onto their site.

What is farm fresh fruit and vegetables?

Vegetables advertised as farm fresh or similar suggesting the product is direct from the farm to the consumer often means exactly that. In some cases there may be some off farm processing, such as packaging, though many farms will do this on site. Generally there is less likely to be external processors involved in the process than there may be with meat as we explore here.