Terms and Conditions

Users, customers and vendors on our site are only authorised to use our site in accordance with the terms and conditions of our site. 

Terms and conditions agreed to are cummulative, i.e. all users are subject to our user agreement, if you subsequently sign up as a vendor or make a purchase then the terms and conditions agreed to during that processes are in addition and do not replace those of the user agreement or the terms and conditions of any other role you have signed up to i.e. as a vendor or purchaser.

In addition to the user agreement which all users are subject to is supplemented by our published policies, The Farmers Lot may use it's discretion in applying policies. A decision or failure to enforce a policy on a particular occassion does not prevent The Farmers Lot from enforcing that policy on subsequent occassions or taking into account those previous ommissions.

When making a purchase all purchases are subject to Terms and Conditions of The Farmers Lot. Vendors may also include additional terms and conditions in the product description or at checkout. Consequently at checkout there may be two checkboxes for purchaseors to agree to (The Farmers Lot terms and conditions and The Vendors terms and conditions). To the extent that a vendors terms and conditions contrdict those of The Farmers Lot the terms and conditions of The Vendor are void.