Pandurra Station

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Pandurra Station History

The history of Pandurra Grazing is deeply rooted in a passion for ethical farming practices and a commitment to providing premium quality lamb to discerning customers.

Pandurra Grazing was established several decades ago by the Smith family, who have been involved in farming for generations. The family's journey began with a vision to create a sustainable farming operation that prioritized the welfare of their livestock and the land they grazed upon.

Initially, Pandurra Grazing started as a traditional sheep farming enterprise in the vast landscapes of South Australia. However, recognizing the potential to differentiate themselves in the market, the Smith family began to explore alternative farming methods that aligned with their values of sustainability and animal welfare.

Through extensive research and experimentation, Pandurra Grazing transitioned to a system that emphasized natural grazing practices, with a focus on utilizing saltbush as a primary feed source for their lambs. This innovative approach not only ensured the health and well-being of their livestock but also produced lamb with exceptional flavor and tenderness.

Image Description Over the years, Pandurra Grazing has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest saltbush lamb in South Australia. Their commitment to ethical farming practices, coupled with their dedication to quality, has garnered the trust and loyalty of customers both locally and internationally.
PANDURRA GRAZING South Australian Saltbush Lamb, Eyre Hwy, Pandurra SA 5701