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Sheep farming is an integral part of Australia's agricultural landscape, and it's home to a wide array of sheep breeds, each with its unique qualities and purposes. On The Farmers Lot, our Sheep category is a treasure trove of Australian sheep breeds, whether you're looking for wool, meat, or versatile sheep for your farm.

The Diversity of Australian Sheep Breeds:

  • Wool Breeds: Australia is renowned for its wool production, and breeds like the Merino and Corriedale are famous for their fine wool.
  • Meat Breeds: If you're focused on meat production, consider breeds like the Dorper and White Suffolk known for their meat quality.
  • Dual-Purpose Breeds: For versatility, explore dual-purpose breeds like the Border Leicester, offering a balance of meat and wool production.

Our Sheep category celebrates the richness of Australian sheep farming. Whether you're a wool enthusiast, a meat producer, or seeking versatile sheep, you'll find the perfect breed for your farm.

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Inspect and pick up from Yattalunga South Australia. Call 0447 726 346 to discuss. Please note that the keeping and transportation of certain livestock (including goats, sheep, cattle, horses etc) in all Australian States require a  Property Identifyication Code (PIC, this can...