Cattle is the collective name of Cows (fertile female cow, after first calf), Bulls (fertile male cattle), Heifers (juvernile or unmated female cattle), Steers (desexed male cattle) and boy calf (male calf prior to sexual maturity).

Typically in Australia owners of cattle must have a Property Identification Code and a National Information Licence System account, with documentation required to accompany the transport of the livestock.

Buyers and Sellers are responsible for all aspects of compliance.

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Born 20 November 2023 Boy calf, intact as I write ... comming from a very rarely found white highland he may carry the relevant gene so will keep him intact for a few weeks. Inspection and collection from Yattalunga South Australia. Can deliver ($200 within 100 km) Call 0447 726 246...
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Black Highland with red highlights, due to birth soon. Photo from behind 26/11/23, it's a shocking photo she looks pretty from front (per younger one she was about 12 months old) Free delivery within 150km of Yattalunga South Australia (purchaser responsible for all health and quarintine...
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Highland Heifer red, unregistered, yet to full pregnant her sisters have so may be infertile but she has a lovely nature.  Photo with dry 17 month old Photo with green 11 months old. $500 delivery to SA, NSW and Victoria (purchaser responsible for all health and quarintine...
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