Lets talk Corontion Sussex the Chook.

The coronation sussex is a pure breed bird and has stunning pure snow white plumage with blue lavender lacing around the neck and tail. These are lovely natured birds that will bring you years of laying and backyard company. These birds will begin laying at approx 7-9 months of age and will produce around 250 eggs per year. Most bigger purebreeds will cease laying around 5 years. The Sussex are a large breed and owning one that is handraised is like having a puppy in the yard. Lovable, fun and very loyal. We love the Sussex breed. We interpret the term 'Young Hen' as a pullet under 12 months of age and use the wording so as not to confuse clients who do not understand the term - pullet. The birds are sold at this age as they are perfectly suited to growing with your family and based on demand.


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