Giantz Garden Water Pump High Pressure 2500W Multi Stage Tank Rain Irrigation Yellow

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    Weatherproof 2500W 9,000L/H Flow Rate Pressure Pump
    The Giantz 2500W 5 Stage pressure pump is your go to pump for constant and reliable pressure. Ideal for clean or rain water, it can produce with maximum flow of 9,000L/hr and maximum head of 61m. Designed for permanent installation as a pressurised water source, it is ideal for filling up toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen taps, showers, irrigation systems or watering the garden. Made to last with an IP rated motor, stainless steel pump body and cast iron ends, you can ensure that you get the peace of mind. This unit also includes a fully automatic automatic operation on/off controller.

    * Powerful 2500W self-priming multi-stage pump
    * Garden irrigation, farm irrigation & home water supply
    * 100% duty cycle - Designed for continuous operation
    * Rust resistant stainless steel pump body w/ cast iron ends
    * Fully automatic operation on/off controller
    * Huge 64m head - Perfect for applications over two stories
    * Anti-corrosive alloy motor housing, ceramic and carbon seals
    * Built-in thermal protection
    * Efficient cooling system
    * Highly conductive copper motor ?Efficient & low heat generation
    * Corrossion resistant brass connector
    * Leak proof rubber ring
    * Easy connecting plug and cable
    * Australian standard cable and plug

    * Maximum Power: 2500W / 3.5HP
    * Maximum Flow: 150L/min, 9,000L/hr
    * Maximum Head: 64m
    * Stage: 5 stages
    * Plug & Cord: SAA 250V/10A *0.6m
    * Brass connector: 1"
    * Inlet/outlet: 1"
    * Casing: stainless steel
    * Motor: Copper wire
    * Protection class: IP44
    * Mechanical Seal: Ceramic/ Carbon

    Voltage: 220/240V
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Maximum current: 10A
    Maximum water temperature: 60 degrees
    Starting pressure: 1.5-3 bar
    Maximum. pressure for use: 10 bar
    Protection grade: IP65
    Inlet and outlet size: 1" (25mm)
    Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 15cm
    Colour: Yellow
    Weight: 13.6kg

    Package Contents
    1 x 5 Stage Pool Pump
    1 x Pump Controller

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