Sell Meat on The Farmers Lot (Promotion)

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    Often corned, can be braised or slow cooked
    Great roasts, good steak
    Perfect for stews, casseroles, and pot roasts
    Demo Shop
    This is a demonstration shop. You can have one just like it. Sell livestock, fresh mea...
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    Buy and Sell meat on The Farmers Lot, fee free for 12 months. Just add this promotion to your cart and we'll set you up (there is no charge).

    What meat can you sell on The Farmers Lot?

    Sell a side of beef, a ton of sausage add and edit products in minutes, change stock and prices in seconds.

    How can I sell meat on The Farmers Lot?

    All you need is an account. You can fill out our registration for or "buy" this free promotion (add it to the cart) and we will set up your account for you.

    You can connect your Stripe or Your Pay Account or select "Cash on Delivery" (Stripe and Pay Pal will deduct their fee's and ours, if any, and then put the rest in your account).

    This promotion demonstrates some of the features that you get as standard with our free (promotion) account, buy it and we will set up a store for you, waive our commission on any sales for the first 2 months AND then charge a commission on sales only 1.5% for the next 12months!


    Adding a product is about as simple as advertising on Gumtree.

    You can sell a single product e.g. Mince or a side of lamb/beef etc. A cut sheet for the butcher is automatically generated.

    You can tag your meat as Organic, Grain Fed or with it's MSA rating.

    Allow Customers to select how they want their meat packaged e.g. bulk, portion sizes, cryovac ect.

    You can set you stock level, if you are out of stock customers can sign up for notification and we'll send them a e-mail once you have more meat back in stock. 

    Keep all your cusomter communications secure, and in one place.

    See a timeline of sales.

    Select if you charge GST or Not

    Manage orders and refunds

    Run Promotions e.g. 

    • If a customer spends over a certain amount automatically apply a  discount
    • Bundle products together for a saving.

    See the details of abonded carts (i.e. where customer adds a product to the cart and goes to checkout but doesn't complete the purchase, if the customer entered their e-mail you can follow them up.

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